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The first ever epigenetic test cost over 3 billion dollars

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Epigenetics Testing

From a simple saliva test we can tell you how your lifestyle and environment is affecting your health. If the test shows detrimental effects- we will then put you back on track to an optimised, healthier life journey.

How do we do this?

We will isolate your DNA from your saliva to provide different snapshots of your health status. The genes in your DNA makes many proteins-the very hardware which makes your body function (from enzymes which catalyse regeneration of cells in your brain to production of structural components such as muscle, bone and cartilage). Your DNA regulates all the protein components and your genetic information is largely inherited and determines your biology and health. Recent scientific breakthroughs have found that DNA is also influenced by environmental factors.

DNMT3 is an enzyme from a group of DNA methlytransferases, which modify DNA in order to regulate gene expression.

Genes are switched on or off at different times and are dependent amongst others, what you eat, how long you sleep, your activity, current health condition (e.g. chronic diseases) and habits such as smoking and drinking or effects from psychological stress to a polluted environment. Genes are chemically modified through a process called methylation which determines which proteins are ultimately expressed-this is the science of epigenetics.

DNA Health Back on Track

At Human Hardware, we measure DNA methylation, which gives us a diagnosis of the effects between your genetics and your lifestyle. Importantly detrimental epigenetic marks are reversible, which allows you to track your health and well-being, take positive action and monitor your improvement over time.


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